Welcome to my personal stash of quick-refrence material! Here I've gathered up many of the little things I tend to forget most frequently and stuck them all on a single easy-to-find page.


Table Elements

Tag Description
<table> Creates a table element to be populated with columns and rows of data.
<thead> Table Header Element for Titles/Categories
<tbody> Table body where the tabular data will be stored in columns and rows.
<tr> Creates a table row to hold table data.
<td> Creates individual cells of data.

Semantic HTML

Tag Description
<header> Should contain H1 & Nav elements.
<main> Should contain the main content of the page, Sections, Articles etc.
<section> Should contain a collection of articles or related elements.
<article> Should contain individual topics.
<aside> Should contain information not associated with the main topic, or things such as ads or related article links.
<footer> To come last, before the closing body tag. Generally contains copyright info.


Text Styling

Property Values Description
text-transform capitalize, uppercase, lowercase, none Specifies how to capitalize an elements text.



Syntax Reference Description
$red: #833; p {
color: $red;
Useful for setting color schemes.


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Content Coming Soon!